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Just For Searching Download Tris, and every search will earn coins. The future of search on the Internet is social.

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Earn Real Money and Coins in Decentralized search

Tris AI Browser Extension and Chat

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Tris AI

Tris allows you to chat with AI directly in Google. You can also interact with the community, giving you a Social Experience as well as Real Time Chat

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Tris Community

Community Real Time Interaction at point of search and decentralized information not controlled by the Search Engines is the future. The more we rely on AI the more we realize why human interaction is so valuable. The shared knowledge of the community is what created the World Wide Web and it will drive the innovation further.

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Empower search bar

The future is real time help at the point of search. Grabbing the customer and helping him out in real time and earning money by providing extra services. We also allow Affiliates to earn daily revenue from search. This is by invite only or when you have enough friend refferals in your account.


Step 1

Launch product.  We are currently already launched with our Ai extension, you can already earn Coins Search, Chat with AI at point of Search and Chat with Community

We are here now

Step 2

Grow our referral program and our Community. As we grow our community, Searches will earn less Coins and they will have more intrinsic value.

Step 3

Once we reach 1 million active user

we will relaunch our part of search into our new model that we have been developing. Our  new platform and updated Chat System will Change Search Forever.

Step 4

25,000 unique people chatting on the system a day

work on upgrading and relaunching our browser with all these features built in directly in the browser. When we launched our original Browser we were too early. Our new Browser built on Chromium will be the most powerful tool for anyone looking for real time information and free speech.

Step 5

Once we reach 10 million downloads

Once we reach 10 million downloads, we will  work on our Ccrypto legalization and making search 3.0 coin tradeable. We will be the only Crypto Coin with real intrinsic value , as you will be able to use Coins to buy Advertising and buy PPC Search Ads. THe most profitable form of Advertising on the web. Our Coin will also be based on actual usage of the Internet vs. mining which is not sustainable as Computers get more powerful.

Step 6

Develop marketplace for selling keywords via coins and selling advertising via coins






Mentions in media

Mission Of Tris

To create a decentralized Search that is Social that allows users to post and share information that will be tied to the Keywod Searched and give every User the same power as Google.

exchange our own experience, information, and knowledge.

Vision of Tris

We believe that Web 3.0 is really Search 3.0 — Search 3.0 Use Cases are Endless.

Users will earn money on our platform, but also share in the thing that the web was really created for- “Bringing People Together” Sharing Information, and Sharing Knowledge. All web browsing starts with search so its only natural that search should be social and search should be decentralized, and search should be in the hands of everyone, but most of all we believe speech should be FREE.

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Available in Chrome Web Store

Success stories

Our Initial Keyword Offering,was a huge success and we had thousands of offers for Keywords withion 30 minutes. We paused it as the timing wasnt right. We were also startup fInalists at SXSW however we decided to wait to launch until we can deliver more value , now that we allow AI in our extension the timing is right.

Tris is the revolution of the Internet. Tris is a social browser that allows you to chat with people that are on the same web page as you or searching the same keyword as you.

Tris has been selected as a finalist in the Startup Pitch Contest at the South By Southwest Festival in March 2019.

Companies that were finalists in this competition have raised a combined total of 5.4 Billion Dollars


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